Enterprise-Ready drone capture technology with live data & safety at its core.

Fully automated take-off, flight and landing

Enables anyone without any flying skills or experience to safely conduct aerial-beach-patrols

Compatible with affordable off-the-shelf drones costing as little as $1,500

Displays the location of all drones currently in the air to improve safety and reduce accidents

Automatically displays locations and photos of points of interest on a map in real-time viewable by the general public

Artificial Intelligence for automatic hazard identification (currently in beta testing)

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Android Compatible

2017/07/21 17:43:17


Perform in-depth analysis of crop and animal health to make informed decisions

Asset Management

Create detailed location specific and time specific records of your global assets


Keep track of construction progress and create time lapse slideshows for project management and client updates

Real Estate

Automatically plan, request, capture and deliver media to multiple users across a wide range of real estate applications

Remote Inspections

Repairs, maintenance, surveillance and safety. Robust and reliable in the most challenging of remote locations


Enable environmental monitoring and conservation with automated time based comparison data capture

Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.


Bill Gates

Built for DJI

Flight Times

Phantom 3 Adv 24 Minutes
Phantom 4 Pro 26 Minutes
Mavic Pro 27 Minutes
M100 32 Minutes
M200 38 Minutes
M600 40 Minutes
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